Perfection is our work's standard. Perfect surfaces for extraordinary products. Products that withstand longer and are more functional and decorative due to our treatment. In short: Our expertise regarding surfaces assures you to gain a competitive advantage.

High-gloss polished front unit made of brass.

Premium production

SURPRO is one of the leading manufacturers and refiners of premium-products and precision-components. We offer a complete process chain of metal treatment – from the development of handcrafted unicums up to efficient serial production of highest quality.

Which product may we treat for you?

PVD-coated rings. High wear-protection and long-lived. Finest cleaning for optimum production results.

Serial production

You want to produce medium-sized or high-volume batches? You want to combine highest demands with highest cost-efficiency? Due to our serial production processes input and output are in a very good economic ratio. An important sector: our electroplating department. Here we electroplate high-volume batches as well as small-scale batches on racks or in barrels for you. Our up-to-date control system enables us to let various processes run simultaneously.
Do you have questions about serial production?

Turning lathes for precise production of work pieces and large batches.

Process technology

We offer more than 80 different production and treatment processes. For example: electroplating, etching, turning, milling, polishing, cleaning, laser-engraving, special lacquering.
In other words, we address the whole range of surface refinement, metal processing and turning technology. Furthermore we control the entire process of production - from development to production to final assembly and on time integration into your production processes.

Decorative KTL-coating.Corrosion resistant and perfect beauty in its form.


In order to deliver continuous premium-quality most precise inspections are required. In this connection the human eye is the measure of all things. Due to this we inspect coated ball valves in four-eyes principle for example. Because no technical device inspects as thoroughly as our employees in the quality assurance department. We call this the „SURPRO Touch“. In SURPRO's premium production every single item is considered as an exclusive unicum.

Stefan Lehnig Technical advice for a customer

Process development

The key to success lies within the close cooperation with our customers. What is it that you would like to achieve? What are the challenges? We ask many questions so that we are able to profoundly understand your request. For you we develop new techniques and look for the ideal solution for your needs. We develop new combined coatings, use cathodic dip-paint lacquer coatings (KTL-coating) or laser-engrave and etch any design you might wish for.