Silver-coating – for medical and decorative purposes

To coat objects with silver usually serves two different functions.

  • as an decorative upgrade, e.g. of cutlery, spectacles, fountain-pens and lifestyle-products
  • as an antiseptic resp. antibacterial equipment. This is also called oligo-dynamic silver-coating, which applies to medical products for example.

For both purposes we coat objects with silver.

Silver-coating of implants, long-lived and corrosion protected with oligodynamic properties.

Benefits of an oligo-dynamic silver-coating

  • Coated work pieces, made of high-grade steel or titanium for instance, are antiseptic and protect of the risk of post-surgical inflammation
  • Silver-ions damage the bacteria cells and therefore have an antibacterial effect
  • The products are very durable. On request the work pieces can be coated with a plasma layer after blasting and prior to silver coating. This additionally prolongs the durability.

A main benefit of our medical silver-coating: Thanks to a special process we are able to coat objects made of titanium.

Silver-coating on high-gloss globes.

Benefits of a decorative silver-coating

  • We coat with pure silver (99.9 %)
  • Different layer thicknesses can be applied – from 10 µm up to more than 20 µm
  • The coated object is highly wear-protected and insensitive to dirt
  • Silver-coated objects are protected better against corrosion
  • Big, as well as small, work pieces can be coated with silver

For decorative purposes we coat jewellery like necklaces, rings and earrings, spectacle-frames and fountain-pens as well as cutlery with silver.
Do you have questions regarding oligo-dynamic silver-coatings? Regarding the application area and requirements? You would like to learn more about the coating of jewellery with silver or about the conditions? Ask us. We would love to support you.