Platinum- and palladium-coating - for noble objects and high durability

Platinum and palladium are one of the most expensive precious metals. They are rare and of high durability. That is why usually luxury goods are coated with these precious metals, jewellery for instance. In our electroplating department we coat non-ferrous metal, steel or high-grade steel with platinum and palladium. Regarding special materials like aluminium for instance, we work with a barrier layer that increases the adherence. The platinum has a purity of 99.9 percent. Regarding palladium coatings we work with a palladium-nickel alloy of a 80-20 composition.

Platinum-coating on sleeves, high quality and precious

Benefits of our coatings

  • Objects shine in a noble silvery-white colour
  • Platinum as well as palladium are very scratch-resistant
  • The platinum coating is extremely thin (<1 ┬Ám). This saves money.
  • The application is very gentle and even
  • Special materials like aluminium can be coated
  • Coated objects have a strong protection against corrosion and a long durability
Platinum-coating on high-gloss globes, long-lived and valuable

Differences between platinum- and palladium-coatings

Platinum is expensive but has some product related advantages compared to palladium: it is more scratch resistant and harder. Also the resistance against tarnish and corrosion is better. Therefore the beauty of platinum lasts longer. Platinum coated work pieces present very good quality aspects. They are more durable and very conductive. Regarding their appearance both precious metals are quite similar: they shine in a silvery-white color. Do you have questions regarding these coating techniques? You would like to know more about the fields of application of these techniques? Ask us. We would love to support you.