Cathodic dip-paint lacquering (KTL) - for a more beautiful range of colours

A KTL-coating is advisable for decorative finishing of objects as well as for material related optimizing. We focus on decorative coatings with a wide range of colours and extremely thin coatings. On request we also coat technical products, e.g. for increased protection against corrosion or for masking objects.

KTL-coating with unlimited variety

Decorative benefits

  • We create almost any requested colour. Therefore we are able to meet exactly the colour requirements of our customers
  • The objects are evenly coated
  • Even geometrically complex objects can be coated homogeneously
  • Thanks to the wide range of colours the coating can be used for colour-coding
KTL-coating on work pieces of nearly all geometries

Material related benefits

  • Coated objects have a better corrosion- and erosion-resistance
  • Objects are resistant against acids and alkaline solutions
  • The lacquer is shockproof, thus more beautiful for a long period of time
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What is a KTL-coating?

Cathodic dip-paint lacquering is an electro-chemical process. It is also called cathodic dip-lacquering. Here the object is coated in a bath of aqueous, electrically conductive dipping lacquer, using DC voltage. The negatively charged work piece attracts the anodic lacquer-particles and those adhere as an even layer on the surfaces of the work piece. Afterwards in the baking-process the added lacquer is baked at a temperature of approximately 120°C-180°C. The coating-thickness of the lacquer applied onto the work piece in our process adds up to between 10 µm and 15 µm. The coating layer merges with the surface of the object into a homogeneous, compact surface film.

Cathodic-lacquering on high-gloss parts.

On customers request: A wide spectrum of colours

Our spectrum of colours contains almost the entire range of colours. We are able to specifically attend to our customer's requests. With pleasure we create colour samples for our customers. In our KTL-production we produce large quantities as well as small batches for decorative purposes. On one hand our customers come from the consumer goods and luxury goods sector, on the other hand from the automotive industry.

Do you have questions regarding KTL-coating? You would like to see a colour sample? Make an appointment with us. We would love to support you.