Gold-coating - for permanent values

There are many reasons for coating objects with gold. At first, of course, the decorative look and its value. Gold is a prestigious object and investment. That is why gold-coatings are predestined for luxury goods and jewellery.
But gold also offers advantages due to the material’s characteristics, e.g. gold coatings are corrosion-resistant.
Electrical engineering makes use of the low conductivity resistance of gold coatings and its good soldering abilities. Due to this, for instance, we coat electronic contacts and plugs with gold – in our modern electroplating department.

Gold-coating of single components, precious and of high-quality

Benefits of galvanic gold-coating

  • Gold-coatings are particularly gentle as there are low temperatures during the process
  • The coating with gold takes place on all sides of the object and is very even
  • We reach high layer-thicknesses in our electroplating department
  • The appearance of gold-coated surfaces is particularly noble
  • We achieve additional shine, due to the nickel and copper layer underneath
Gold-coating of implants, long-lived and corrosion protected

Decorative and harder: our gold-alloys

A specialty of our gold-coating: We work with alloys of gold with foreign substances. Due to this we are able to create different hues of gold. An additional plus: the gold-layer has a higher grade of hardness, that's why we speak of hard-gilding. A layer of pure gold has a hardness of 80-90 HV (Vickers hardness). Our hard-gilded layers reach a hardness of 180-250 HV.

Gold-coating on high-gloss polished parts.

Gold finishing in service or production

We upgrade goods with gold that either are produced in our company or supplied by our customers. This applies to luxury goods like jewellery as well as to technical components like electronic contacts. All coatings are performed by SURPRO with great care using the latest technical methods. We are able to coat high volume batches as well as small batches.

Do you have questions regarding our gold-coating? You would like to know if your product can be coated with gold? Ask us. We would love to support you.