Diamond-turning and diamond-cutting - For highest precision and shine

Diamonds are among the hardest substances on this planet. Due to this fact tools trimmed with diamonds are used for grinding, cutting, milling or turning of non-ferrous metals, especially when it comes to exact precision and noblest appearances. Therefore we are using diamond tools for workpieces crafted for lifestyle and luxury. With diamonds we turn and cut stationery, jewellery and lifestyle products.

Diamond-turned parts of brass with subsequent gold- and platinum-coating

The technologies

We are using two techniques of diamond-turning:

  • Cutting in with specially shaped diamonds:
    Depending on customer requests and requirements of the workpiece we are able to create threads, levels and cuts
  • Longitudinal diamond-turning::
    Here we treat cylindrical workpieces by using the longitudinal turning technique

Turning-diamond for high-gloss polished surfaces on non-ferrous metals

The Tools

When diamond-cutting we count on two kinds of diamond-tools:

  • monocrystalline diamond-cutting (natural) (MCD)
  • polycrystalline diamond-cutting (PCD)
With diamond-cutting we create a high gloss polished surface, e.g. for technical workpieces such as reflection sensors or for decorative workpieces such as rings etc. By diamond-cutting surfaces with a roughness of Ra < 0.1 can be achieved.

Diamond-turned parts of brass with subsequent gold- and platinum-coating

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