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Milling lathe for production of complex work pieces.

CNC-turning and milling technology

  • CNC-turning with long- and short-spindle lathes
  • gun-drilling with cooling channel
  • processing of brass, silver, gold, high-grade steel, aluminium and synthetic material
  • serial production
  • production of prototypes
  • milling, turning, embossing, profiling
  • 5-axle simultaneous milling
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Mechanical processing of small parts. De-burring and polishing in one working cycle.

Mechanical processing

  • laser-engraving / laser-inscribing
  • drag finish polishing
  • automatic polishing
  • manual polishing
  • diamond-cutting of non-ferrous metal
  • guilloching
  • slide grinding
  • satin finishing
  • sanding of surfaces
  • decorative blasting
  • manual deburring
  • drilling
  • chamfering
  • embossing
  • mechanical engraving
KTL-coating in perfect beauty. Colourful and individual.

Surface coating

  • electroplating with precious metal
  • electroplating with non-precious metal
  • KTL-lacquering
  • etching
  • PVD-coating (by network partners)
  • niobium coating (by network partners)
  • contract cleaning
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Analysis for secure processing processes.

Laboratory services

  • coating thickness measurement
  • corrosion test
  • synthetic sweat-test
  • laboratory electroplating
  • metallography and tempering
  • adherence test
  • test of abrasion resistance
  • hardness measurement according to Vickers
Systematic assembling technology. Precise and specific gluing technique for durable connections.

Assembly technology

  • activation of components: by cleaning or mechanical pre-treatment
  • gluing of plastic- or metal components
  • dosage of UV-adhesives
  • crimping of components
  • screwing components together
  • functional check
  • checking of glued connections
  • testing assembly groups for wear-resistance
  • packing and final packaging